Exhibition of Pavlo Sulymenko`s painting

Yesterday, December 15, the Bastion gallery hosted an exhibition of a famous artist Pavlo Sulymenko. The exposition consists of two parts: landscapes, still lives and abstractions as well as the paintings in the style of contemporary art.

The canvas "Memoirs of Van Gogh" attracts the visitors` attention to itself. It is a recollection of a famous picture of "Sunflowers" of this prominent Dutch painter. One of the abstract paintings is called "Cat on the border of two worlds." The artist created it in a difficult life period for him - after his wife's death. According to numerous legends, the cat is a magical animal that can travel to the other world and be on the border of two worlds - the world of people and spirits. Abstraction "Christmas candles" is voluminous and colorful, is like a Christmas decoration.

Landscapes reflect the picturesque corners of nature with moonlight. The artist since childhood loves the moonlight, so he often depicts it on his canvases.

Pavlo Ivanovych Sulymenko was born in 1942 in Krasnodar. He liked painting since his childhood, and in 1965, he began his artistic education. He created in all genres of painting - landscape, still life, portrait. In the 1970s, he began to create abstractions. In 1987, the artist moved to Ivano-Frankivsk, where he lives so far. He exhibited his abstract paintings in this city for the first time. As the artist notes, he has a relaxation when creating his abstractions, because the process of creativity allows him not to think about daily worries.

"Abstraction requires from the artist to open his soul", says the artist. "Believe me if he cannot open his soul and show it, you will not see a good abstract painting."

Welcome to the exhibition!