Exhibition of paintings by Natalia Bilyk

We invite you to visit the twentieth personal exhibition of the famous Carpathian artist - Natalia Bilyk. Her exhibition is called "Delicious Colors", and the visitor really wants to taste it. It reflects the life of nature and objects, passed through the prism of the artist's vision and with an admixture of her emotions and feelings. Ms. Natalia's paintings are full of rich colors and emotions.

We can see how simple things are filled with light, color and taste. The visitor wants to look at them; he also wants to touch them. And he even wants to bite the juicy fruits, depicted in some still lives, and taste their sweet juice.

The artist Natalia Bilyk was born on June 15, 1974 and lives in Ivano-Frankivsk. From the age of seven, she studied in the studio of fine arts and in the art school. In 1999, she graduated from the Art and Graphic Faculty of Prykarpathian University. The first personal exhibition of the artist took place in 2005, and during her rich creative life, she created about two thousand canvases. Her paintings are stored in private collections in many countries around the world.