Exhibition "Far Worlds" by Andriy Yefimenko

Today, on December 8, the exhibition "Far Worlds" by the famous artist Andriy Yefimenko opened in the Bastion Gallery. The artist's paintings reflect the dream of distant unknown worlds.

The universe is infinite, but it is not empty. There are other worlds - beautiful and mysterious, cruel or peaceful. They live, develop and die forever. There, among the stars, is life, but we still can't understand what it is. Or maybe there are empires and intrigues, betrayals, wars and true love? There are many worlds, and each of them is a mystery. Dozens of lives and each one is unique. Myriads of variations of the future, but only one finale.

Andriy Yefimenko is a designer, artist, who in his person combined the east and the west of Ukraine. His work grew out of two sources - from Luhansk's childhood, when his grandfather had a well-decorated Hutsul carving writing set, and from visits to Ivano-Frankivsk region to another grandfather, who saw that his grandson often drew something and loved to repeat: "When you grow up, you will study in Kosiv art school".

Andriy Yefimenko's first personal exhibition "Unequal" took place at the Museum of Arts of Prykarpattia in March 2012. Even then, topics that will concern the artist in the coming years were outlined - the fate of Ukraine and Ivano-Frankivsk, the struggle between good and evil that continues in each person, the ability of the person to find his place and in this difficult and ever-changing time.

Andriy Yefimenko, being in constant creative search, has many plans for the future, seeks to surprise the audience with new exhibitions and new sides of his talent.